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Computer programming has been my hobby for many years now. I've been teaching myself 3D modeling and development with Unity for the last several years now as well.

Now I publish Unity assets, am a Virtual Reality enthusiast/developer, and aspire to make my own VR games.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Update: VR3DImageViewer 1.1

Update: VR3DImageViewer 1.1

VR3DImageViewer has been updated to v1.1!

Added an optional script for Rendering 3D images.

Added a new demo scene with a fake VR camera rig that helps clearly show that each eyes camera sees a different image, on a 2D monitor.
Change Log:

  • Removed scripts/code to check for native Unity VR support. They were only used to assume that native VR was the only case in which a device/SDK would be using a single camera.
  • Now when using a single camera, like with native Unity VR, you have to select the camera as either left or right. If none is selected, it will attempt to search for MainCamera and use that if found.
  • Added a second demo scene with a fake example stereoscopic VR camera and a texture to clearly show that a different image is going to each eye.
  • Fixed the ToggleMonoStereo() method. Not sure what I was thinking back when I made it, by having it display the default double imaged texture when set to Mono, but now it displays the left eye texture to both eyes when set to Mono.
  • Added in a optional alternative script for viewing 3D images. It uses a method involving layers that I made and discarded last year, thinking it was now obsolete. Pre-Unity v5.4 SteamVR support proved otherwise. So in an effort to make this asset cover as many devices and SDKs as possible, I added it in too. Basically it relies on using Layers for each eyes camera to only not render objects of the other eye. I added another demo scene as an example of how to use it. Refer to the "Pre-Unity 5.4 SteamVR" section for how to use it.
  • Cleaned up some code and comments.
  • Reorganized the folder structure.

Available now on the Unity Asset Store!

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