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3D Modeling
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Coding in C# is my primary skill, and most likely why you are here.

I started with it in 2014 after about 10 casual years with C++, HTML, and various other minor languages. Most of my C# work is with Unity scripts, and most of that work that is public is published work for sale on the Unity Asset store.


I have also created scripts for several Unity projects, 3 which have been released as demos.

AdFighter - (Article: What I learned from developing it.)
Kokiri Forest

I have done a couple non-game hobby projects for Windows using .NET and WPF. But none are open source.

CaVE Database Manager

Since I don't really have any open source/free projects to showcase, here is a collection of minor scripts I have made.


3D Modeling
Odds are, I'm not looking for or expecting a Artist role. I'm simply listing my work from here to more accurately illustrate my secondary capabilities.

I started casually learning 3D Modeling in 2014, but it has never been a primary focus/goal. As such, my skills with it are limited.

However, I have had a fair share of experience with it for my above C# game projects and VRChat. With those I had to learn rigging, weight painting, UV mapping, and general modeling.

This is a few models I have created.

I don't consider myself an Artist. But I have shown myself capable of creating some textures. Generally I'll just mess around in a paint program until I get something resembling what I need.

In 2017 or so I did start trying to make effort towards learning hand painted styles, as I personally find them more appealing and interesting to create than PBR style textures.

UI Design
I generally don't care for UI creation. But I can do it when I have to. Probably the most elaborate piece I have done is for my TwIRC asset, for the MMO style chat window. It contains several buttons, a scrollbar, dynamic buttons, text area, and is resizable in editor as needed.

Beyond that, Ive done just very basic UIs like with AdFighter.


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You can reach me by email or twitter.

Email: darkakumaz-net.us

Twitter: @DarkAkuma_

LinkedIn: Profile