Are 2D pictures/video in your VR scene just starting to seem bland and boring? Instead why not use 3D pictures/video and have your content really pop out to your players!

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With this asset you can enable support for most Stereoscopic 3D media to be viewable in VR!

Supported Stereoscopic 3D formats:
- Side-by-Side
- Cross-eyed
- Top/Bottom
- Two Images
- Horizontal Interlaced
- Vertical Interlaced
- Checkerboard
- Anaglyph

Stereoscopic media can be:
- Stereoscopic 3D Pictures
- Stereoscopic 3D Video
- Stereoscopic 360 Pictures
- Stereoscopic 360 Video

- Adjust the focal depth of the 3D media.
- Change displayed media & settings via script at runtime.
- Unlimited instances of 3D media in a scene.
- Compatible with RenderTexture, MovieTexture, WebcamTexture, v5.6 VideoPlayer, misc addons, etc.
- Supports Oculus Rift, HTC-Vive/SteamVR, GoogleVR/Daydream and most other devices.

- Included script to take Stereoscopic 3D screenshots in 7 formats to use in your scenes!
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