Thursday, January 28, 2021

Update: VR3DMediaViewer v2.5

VR3DMediaViewer has been updated to v2.5!

I fixed a long reported, but not reproducible by me, issue. The issue was with the XR Plugin Management system and the Shader rendering method, where the image in one eye wouldn't render. I was waiting for Vive to finally be properly supported with the new XR Plugin system so I could properly test and reproduce it myself. But in the end, I didn't need it. The issue was something I should have probably have had indicated to me a long time ago. Was just a issue with the Unlit Shader and the SinglePassInstanced rendering method. That method was not one I had access to before with my devices.

I also addressed issues with the RenderingMode selection stuff. The option itself didn't work as a global static variable like I thought, and once I realized what was going on, it helped explain some known issues. And well, there was some compilation issues with more modern versions of Unity.

I took a lot of time off from these projects because purchases significantly slowed down after the pandemic started, and it seemed like a waste of time to put more work into stuff that's going to sell less. But now that things are picking back up again, hopefully soon I'll work on the rest.

I'm not sure what there is that's left to do with this asset besides maintaining it. So I'll have to just rely on users making suggestions or reporting issues. Otherwise, don't expect to see much going on with this. It wont be dead or anything, just not in need of any update... unless Unity breaks stuff again...

Change Log:

  • Removed code for automatically detecting your StereoRenderingMode and selecting an appropriate RenderMethod.
  • Moved the RenderMethod option from the VR3DMediaViewer component to a new VRSettings object. In doing so, this fixes issues with selection. 
  • Resolved a SingePassInstanced issue with the image not displaying in the right eye with the Unlit shader.

Available now on the Unity Asset Store!


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