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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Announcement: AdFighter

Announcement: AdFighter

After several long years, I'm happy to announce my next project! My first real game. AdFighter!

I'm announcing this now because I have it entered into a VR Jam. There is a hefty prize pool on the line, but regardless, as soon as the Jam stuff is over I will be continuing this game in hopes of giving it a full commercial release.

This VR game will be targeting Oculus w/Touch, and probably Vive later. The Jam entry will have almost everything done by me. Including scripting, models, textures, shaders, gameplay design, story/premise, etc. It's been a great way to learn exactly where my skills are in all areas, and should also serve well for that reason, in my developer portfolio!

Here's a description of the game.
Set in an abstract 80's-90's vision of VR Cyberspace, you assume the role of someone who is fed up! Sick of greedy corporations increasingly encroaching on the Metaverse with Advertisements. Armed with just your 2 fists, your goal is to destroy as many Ads as you can! Help save the Virtual Realm and keep it fun and clean for everyone!

This game is designed to have a fun Arcade feel. You earn score points from the Ads that you punch. If you earn enough you can move onto the next level! You try to achieve a higher score by punching Ads based on their color and the color of your fists, which changes color every punch. Ads come at you in waves of patterns. Punch them all and plan a few seconds ahead to optimize your score!

I conceived of this idea a few years ago, but put it on the shelf soon after. I recently reconsidered it and picked it back up as just something to practice Touch development with. I soon realized there was something more to this, and I could make it into a full game. And the timing was perfect! I could enter it into a VR Jam!

The Jam entry will have a handful of levels. Enough to have fun, and hopefully convince some judges. But I have much more I would like to implement for a future commercial release. I am only one man, and this is only my second Jam. So I have my limits for what I can do solo in 6 weeks, little to no money, and my limited skills and experience.

Still, I'm confident in my game. I feel it should have a real shot at winning one of the top 3 prizes. Or maybe the community choice prize? I'm much more proud of what I've accomplished with it in just the first 2 weeks of prototyping alone, than what I accomplished in my last VR Jam in 4 weeks total! As of this post, I'm blown away at how far my game has progressed. I never REALLY felt like I could call myself a game/VR developer before. But that's changing!

I hope you all play and enjoy my game. Please vote for me for the community choice award. And of course, support the eventual commercial release! =)

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