Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hello! Welcome to my website!

In the past I've used a personal blog for all my content, but this website will now serve my professional side. Here you will find my commercial products, portfolio, freelance services, games, and maybe even a few articles here and there.

I'm an aspiring game developer. Computer programming has been my main hobby for many years. As the Virtual Reality revolution started I branched that hobby out into learning game development. Ever since then I've wanted to make that my career. Along the way I've picked up some experience with 3D modeling, texture creation, and general scene composition in my game engine of choice, Unity.

My path thus far has been winding. I've made nostalgic demos, Social VR content, challenged myself in month long game jams, and published content on the Unity Asset Store. My immediate goals are to continue creating content for the Unity Asset Store to fund the development of my own VR games.

I primarily deal in VR, but my plans don't restrict me to just that. I will probably make some non-VR assets, and at times I've decided to continue my goal to make a game, whether if it's for VR or not.

The type of games I'm interested in most are RPGs, Puzzlers, or something with a rich story with a High Fantasy setting/elements. That's what I like to play, and what I would like to create. But I have entertained idea's for other content like scripted shows, simulators, Social VR experiences, and more.

I prefer to go by DarkAkuma on-line rather than my real name. I'm quiet and reserved, but do often have opinions all my own. I do this development stuff because I find it fun. I enjoy the freedom of, if at anytime I'm in a situation were I'm finding that I'm not having fun, I can just walk away. Be it a project, social situation, etc.

I'm open to freelance work and collaboration. But it depends on the project, people, time considerations, etc. Mainly I'm just focused on my own pursuits. But I'm willing to listen to and consider proposals for outside work.

I come from Las Vegas, Nevada. United States. English is my primary language.

I'm always willing to make new friends and contacts. Discuss gaming, VR, media, etc.

And I guess that's all! Please enjoy what I have to offer!

-- Jason Peterson (DarkAkuma)


Contact me

You can reach me by email or twitter.


Twitter: @DarkAkuma_


If you want to contact me for Unity Asset product support, instead please try using the forum post linked on the Asset's Unity store page.

The reason I ask this is because your question may already be answered there, and if it's not then posting your question there allows others to benefit from the discussion made to resolve it.

Due to excessive misuse of this form and a lack of using the designated forum posts that were created specifically for this purpose, any support requests sent via this form/email may be ignored.

Thank you!