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I publish my own assets on the Unity Asset Store, aspire to make my own games, and will entertain offers for jobs on projects that suit my skills and interests.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New Asset: BodyLanguageVR 1.0

New Asset: BodyLanguageVR 1.0


Today at last I release my next asset!

This asset is something I conceived of and worked on a few years ago, but was forced to shelve it before it was finished. Ever since then, its been hard to pick up work on it again as it's complex and a very daunting task to work on after stopping!

But recently I was finding it such a waste that it was so near to completion, but going unsold. So I doubled down and finished it up by removing and shelving all the numerous ideas I had for it that contributed to feature creep, and would never let me get around to releasing it. That was partly why it was so daunting.

At the moment, its a little basic. But I think it should be well worth its price as is, and over time as I get back to adding those new features, its value will grow!

For now, this may be my last VR focused asset, as I try and go in a new, less niche direction and make some assets for a larger pool of developers.

Anyway, onto the asset itself!

The purpose of this asset is to allow more VR devs to include more appropriate, intuitive input for VR. Input that suits the VR experience more, and keeps immersion alive. In real life you don't press F to say "Yes". You just speak the word "yes", or in this case you give a nod of your head up and down.

Yes/No nod's are included as examples, and will work on any VR device!

Additionally, I've included an example for waving "Hello". This of course requires a VR device with motion tracked controllers, like the Vive or Rift. It may even be able to work with other AR type hand tracking setups provided you select a hand model as the tracked object. I don't know. I don't own such devices.

I've included a current feature list at the end of this post.

I hope many people enjoy this asset!

Included Example Gestures:
  • - Head Shake: Yes
  • - Head Shake: No
  • - Hand Wave: Hello

Supported Custom Gesture Detection Options:
  • - Positional Distance
  • - Rotational Degrees
  • - Direction Held
  • - more TBA...
Available now on the Unity Asset Store!

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