If objects in your scene seem too large/small, or you feel like a giant in your VR scene, then this asset is for you!

With this you can adjust the size and position of your objects using the normal real world units of measurement you are used to. No more "Unity Units"!

A lite weight addition to your tool set. Retains as much of the original Transform UI layout as possible, adding only what you need, when you need it!

Shows helpful color coded (XYZ) grid lines in the scene view when an object is selected to help you visualize the objects dimensions!

An essential for Virtual Reality development, but is in no way exclusive to VR!

WebVR Demo | Forum

Supported measurements are:
  • - Millimeters 
  • - Centimeters 
  • - Inches 
  • - Feet 
  • - Meters 
  • - Yards 
  • - Kilometers 
  • - Miles

  • - Seamlessly added to the Transform component. No need to add clunky extra scripts to objects. Always instantly available! 
  • - Low footprint. Only see the extra units when you want! 
  • - Don't care about Metric or Imperial? Hide units you don't need!
  • - Convenient wire-frames, color-coded to familiar Unity Axis color standards help you know what axis you want to adjust the size of!
  • - Supports RectTransform! (Position only)
  • - Methods/Variables available for run-time usage via scripting! 
  • - Supports both Mesh and Skinned Mesh Renderers!


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