Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Update: TransformEx 1.1

TransformEx has been updated to v1.1!

This update mainly tunes up the asset with some tweaks to make it more aesthetically modest in the Editor UI, and more refined on how you access if from other scripts.
Change Log:

  • The Mesh Size fields are now encased in a foldout like the position fields.
  • The RGB boundaries lines will now only show in the scene view when the new above mentioned fold out is expanded.
  • The open/close status of both fold outs will now be remembered and used between all transforms in the scene.
  • Condensed the SizeEx() and PositionEx() extension methods into a single new TransformEx() method.
  • Replaced the old GetAs****() and SetFrom****() functions with more proper Get/Set accessors. You now access them like variables.
    • I.E.:
      • positionIn****
      • sizeIn****

Available now on the Unity Asset Store!


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