Thursday, October 4, 2018

Update: VR3DMediaViewer 2.1

VR3DMediaViewer has been updated to v2.1!

The first update for this asset in over a year! There's just not a lot left to do with this project, besides maintenance. And that's "mostly" what has been done now. General bug fixes.

However, there are a couple notable improvements. Mainly in the new support for the UI.RawImage component, so you can now use the UI for a 3D canvas instead of just a MeshRenderer.

Another being the addition of a simpler version of the 3D camera setup procedure. Far to many people had issues understanding "right click the Camera component" to open a menu, as a step. Now there's a simple to locate button on the Camera component that should catch anyones eye. This is something I've been trying to find a way to address for a while, and I'm so happy that I finally found a way to do so that I'm satisfied with.

I have not yet updated the video or ReadMe for this new procedure however. I'll have to record new footage, and I've been considering a documentation overhaul to something like a pdf.

As for the new high poly canvas. Well, I made the low poly one as something quick and simple, intending it just to be used for my demo scene. Not the consumer projects. But I now figure that most devs would probably just use whatever 360 canvas that comes with the asset, rather then make one that suits their needs. So I figure why not make this one high quality and project worthy itself. The old one has far less of a poly count, as the new one is about 16,000 polys, but I figure a 360 Panorama scene like can afford it as it shouldn't have much other content, and the old 360 canvas is still included.

Change Log:

  • Added support for using the UI.RawImage component as a canvas to display 3D media.
  • Added a new high poly count 360 canvas. It's now used in the demo scene. The old low poly version is still available though.
  • Simpler camera setup procedure.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Available now on the Unity Asset Store!


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