Monday, June 17, 2019

Update: TransformEx 1.2

TransformEx has been updated to v1.2!

This update was a long time coming, and was very needed. It's mostly about improving the demo scenes to both be more appealing/eye catching, and to better convey the usage, purpose, and quality of the asset through screenshots, video and a online demo.

The promotional material in general was really bad and/or lacking. The demo scene/screenshots looked cruddy and amateurish. There was no video, which seems to hurt peoples interest and willingness to give it a chance. There was no web demo. But that's all changed now!

This is all something that has bothered me for quite awhile, but the sales for this asset are slow despite it being a "must have" that all VR devs should be using. I never updated it until now simply because it didn't sell well and thus wasn't worth the time/effort. But it didn't sell well perhaps because it needed such an update? Unsure, I felt my time was better spent on VR3DMediaViewer updates/maintenance as that sells much better.

Additionally, I made some improvements to the Asset's code itself. Like menu options to allow you to hide units of measurement that you probably don't use, and end up just making things more cluttered (like Miles and Kilometers). I polished up the UI a little to be formatted better. I added a "equalize" button, something I wanted to add long ago in some form, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to go about it. And there's even now minor support for RectTransforms, at least with positions.

Change Log:

  • New demo scenes.
  • Added menu options to only see the units of measurement that you want.
  • Improved the look of the Ex Transform controls.
  • Ex Position controls added to RectTransforms.
  • Added equalize button for easy equalization of the object proportions.

Available now on the Unity Asset Store!


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