Friday, July 17, 2020

Update: Project: Empty Soda Can #2


Theme for this one should be bugs and issues.
Like i set the wrong shade of blue for the cube
Typo in Everybuddy.
Accidentally replaced Move Right with Move Left, instead of using both.

Another random coincidental 6 month update! So weird...

Well, sadly... it seems like the theme of this update will be "bug-fixes". I made a boo-boo. Well, multiple boo-boos. So made a boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo?

Recent Example #1:

First up, there was a bug with the color of the blue cube. It's the wrong shade of blue! How could I make such a mistake?

*Bangs head against wall.

Here's the new, MUCH IMPROVED, correct version.

Whats that? You say you can't tell the difference?

*Smirks very smuggly.

Well, you see...

*Tries to adjust eye-glasses with 1 finger.

*Realizes he doesn't wear eye-glasses to late.  

*Misses the bridge of his nose and pokes himself in the eye.  

... Color is represented by 3 values. R, G, & B. To get that blue I used "0, 0, 255".

But what I meant to use was (0, 0, 254). HUGE difference!

Recent Example #2:

It seems my script code was not spare from the bug problem.

I can't believe it even compiled and worked!

*Attempts to gasp in amazement, but winces instead because eye is still sore.

Well, it seems I made a typo.

It should have been "Hello Everybody!".

Instead, it was incorrectly typed to "Hello Everybuddy!".

*Blinks sore eye to see if its still foggy.

Recent Example #3:

It seems that in our attempts to appease the left handed audience, we forgot about the right handed.
*Cracks open Blinds on his window and looks both ways suspiciously.

Right-handers has REALLY been after me about this!

We didn't mean to REPLACE the right animation with a left animation. The right animation wasent supposed to be removed!

Instead both were to be included!

With these major bugs now fixed, hopefully the project can remain stable now, and next time we can get to some new additions!

Next time...

I wonder when that will be...

Who knows? Can never predict stuff like this!


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