Thursday, April 4, 2019

Update: Project: Empty Soda Can #1

Isn't that funny? In my last update I made a complete guess at when my next update for this project would come out. 6 Months. And wow... and here we are, 6 Months later! Exactly!

What's that? I made another update in that time, and this one is 6 months after that instead? Weird...

Well anyway, in that time Project: Empty Soda Can has come a long way!

Recent Example #1:

After 6+ months of painstaking research and feedback, we have found that the Red Cube doesn't track well. Apparently, to some Bulls out there, the color is found to be offensive.

*Looks down in shame, as he hears the chorus of Boos.

I know. I understand the outrage. This is unforgivable, but I hope that you please do forgive me.

To rectify this, we've instead elected to go for a calm, cooler, more neutral Blue.

I'd like to take this time to formally apologize to any Bovines out there. It was never my intent to offend. I truly hope that you can forgive me.

Recent Example #2:

Again, upon further research, we have discovered that the term "Internet" is too confusing to a significant portion of the audience.

Some of such people were often offended by it as it presumed that everyone was educated enough to understand the word.

*Smacks self in face.

I don't know whats wrong. Why we keep making such horrendous mistakes.

*Smacks self in face again.

We briefly considered "World Wide Web", but we quickly deemed that to be to much of a mouthful.

Further, feedback suggested that it wasn't inclusive enough.

So... we think we came up with a solution...

*Holds breath...

Our hope is that "Everybody!" remains inclusive, while retaining an appropriate lack of confusion.

Recent Example #3:

Finally, due to overwhelming feedback, we have realized another mistake...

We have offended yet another portion of the audience...

*Smacks head against wall several times.

While the "Move Right" Animation was an amazing achievement, we made a grievous mistake in not considering the feelings of our Left Handed Audience.

To help be more inclusive to our Left Handed audience out there, we have now added an Animation for you too!

And yes, this too has been updated to now be a BLUE CUBE.

We're extremely sorry that we dropped the ball on this one as bad as we did, and hope that addressing it now is better late then never!

Stay tuned for the next update!

Lets see...

I'll try guessing again...

One plus Two is Three...

...carry the Four... train is going 40 MPH, and the other is going 60 MPH...

...I'll guess... 6 Months!

Yea. Solid guess!


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